Patent Law

The registration of an intellectual property right (a patent or utility model) is an essential measure to protect an invention. In addition, the legal provisions on employees' inventions (where applicable) must be observed to avoid serious legal consequences, such as the loss of protection or the right to utilize an invention.

In the age of economic globalisation increasing importance attaches to combating product piracy and counterfeit (for example, through the confiscation of products at borders) in order to ensure the successful commercial exploitation of truly innovative products.

A tailor-made IP protection strategy and a search of the relevant prior art, preferably carried out before applying for a protective right, are important tools for effectively protecting your innovations and help you avoid unnecessary expenses.

Protective rights can easily be infringed in trading with even the most common consumer items. This can result in expensive litigation and huge compensation payments. It is, therefore, highly advisable to conduct a search prior to importing any items or starting production of a new product.

Gulde & Partner assist and represent inventors and holders of rights to an invention in the registration process and the enforcement of IP rights as well as in infringement and litigation proceedings. Needless to say, we also defend our clients against any unjustified or unfounded claims.